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Lorraine Lionheart - BIOGRAPHY







Award winning singer songwriter Lorraine Lionheart, is one of the UK's leading African music artists with a great and deep personal ambition to conquer the Global world music scene, staying true to her music and its roots, and putting her country Botswana on the international music map. Oozing with originality and authenticity, she is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing world music artists from Southern Africa and is already affectionately dubbed Botswana's music icon by the media and her adoring fans. A passionately expressive performer who continues to mesmerize audiences around the world, Lorraine Lionheart is an upcoming African talent to watch. Followed by thousands of world music lovers around the globe, her music is also often featured in several radio stations including BBC Radio. She is also a compassionate and grounded artist who continues to invest her art and efforts in charitable endeavours.

Also known to those close to her as Lolo, the UK based African music artist was born and raised in the Kalahari Desert, in Botswana, the country they call the jewel of Africa and one of the most romantic African countries. She has a pure experience of growing up in an area so untouched, beautifully remote and that carries a unique sense of deep rooted spirituality. The singer says her music is deeply influenced by the music of the Basarwa tribe of the Kalahari Desert otherwise widely known as the Bushmen. In her words "the Basarwa are the world's most beautiful people". Having spent most of her childhood in remote villages, performing on stages around the world was never her dream, but turned out to be her destiny. Even though she embraces her roots and sings in her native languages as well as in English, her music knows no geographical barriers and appeals to even an audience unfamiliar with African music.





As a feature act, Lorraine Lionheart's unique uplifting blend of African rhythms and soul will wow your guests or compliment your event with just the right amount of subtle background music, to create an impressive ideal atmosphere. She is one of the UK's leading African/world music singers, specialising in providing entertainment for corporate and diplomatic events, festivals and other music and cultural events. Services are tailor made to suit the client's needs and delivered to exceptional standards. With a repertoire of world music of ethnic African origin and unique renditions of popular favourites, you can add that unique finishing touch to a special event whilst you and your guests dine, enjoy drinks and mark a bespoke occasion with music from a professional singer song writer who is rapidly becoming a name to remember in the world music scene.
She is no stranger to international stage, having headlined festivals and performed in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, South Africa, Switzerland, Botswana and United Kingdom. She offers both solo performances and band performances. Lorraine performs mainly her own original material but also does unique versions of popular songs from artists who inspire her. She usually performs with a 5 piece band or more, but can also do stripped back acoustic performances with just one other guitarist/pianist or percussionist. She enjoys collaborations with different artists and is a great team player. She is also available for African music workshops and charitable work.




Lorraine Lionheart's children's African music workshops are very popular and her performance as children's entertainer and tutor has received great reviews from several schools, children's support groups such as the Sure Start children's services UK and many more. She teaches drumming, singing and dancing to all ages and offers bespoke cultural exchange programs. Lorraine is also available to speak on a variety of subjects related to her work and is a motivational story teller.


Music to this humble African singer songwriter is not a casual undertaking. Lorraine has a massive vision for her music and takes it very seriously. She is hands on artist and is determined to win you over with her stage presence, her warm distinctive voice, her song writing talent, her sincerity and sheer African beauty.



Fela Kuti, Miriam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo, Richard Bona, Bob Marley , Paul Simon, Neil Young, Johnny Cash , Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton , Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, Lady Smith Black Mambazo, PJ Powers, Youssou N’Dour, Peter Gabriel, Letta Mbulu, Jabu Khanyile, Lucky Dube, Caiphus Semenya, Tshepo Tshola, Ringo Madlingozi, Oliver Mutukuzi,  Jabu Khanyile, Hugh Masikela, Kanda Bongo Man, Nina Simone, Sam Cooke and Etta James are just a few of the names that have influenced her the most musically.


In addition to being one of the UK’s leading African Singer Songwriters, Lorraine Lionheart is available for corporate events, festivals and other music events, African music workshops, African themed parties, internationally, around Europe and around the UK covering areas such as Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, west midlands, Shropshire, Wales, Cardiff, Powys, Denbighshire, Herefordshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Merseyside, London, Derbyshire, Cornwall, Staffordshire, Suffolk, United Kingdom


Lorraine Lionheart also known to those close to her as LoLo was born and raised in the Kalahari Desert, in Botswana, the country they call the jewel of Africa and one of the most romantic African countries. She has a pure experience of growing up in an area so untouched, beautifully remote and that carries a unique sense of deep rooted spirituality. Her father who is a school teacher turned retired farmer dedicated his life to travelling to several small villages in his country educating the most primitive tribes and often living in challenging conditions. Lorraine travelled a lot with her father and grew up in several places learning different cultures, languages and dialects and understanding the differences in people from all walks of life. But her fate was tied up with the city: she moved to the capital city of Botswana as soon as she finished school and also lived for several years in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe before moving to Birmingham England.


It was moving to a small village in the West Midlands, UK, where her life as an artist took wing. She believes after spending so many years moving from one city to the other, even though she didn’t realise at the time, going back to somewhere that feels like the wilderness is what her soul desperately needed. “it felt like home in Wales and walking up Shropshire hills. It took me back to a place I feel I belong, and nature somehow frees and completes me. I was able to relax and rediscover and reinvent myself. I learnt a lot, and was inspired to write so many songs. But as much as nature grounds me, I have an undeniable party girl inside of me who belongs in the city. The contrast can be found in some of my songs, and music balances it perfectly.

“My voice is a God given opportunity to celebrate who I really am. Its difficult for me to categorise my sound because its from that many influences, but I feel that my music is a mixture of all the things I love, all the things I have and all that I am. I like to believe that my music is universal, even though I embrace my African roots I try NOT to build geographical barriers and hope my love for people from  all walks of life, will enable me to reach out to everyone. When I sing I’m free, I not only express myself I also expose my vulnerability, sensitivity, sensuality and much more with my songs.  Without music I just don’t know where I would be, its given me strength to overcome some really hard times, and by sharing my music I am hoping I can touch people and share that hope through my songs. I am also very keen on community services and getting involved in work for good causes because I truly believe every talent no matter how small, has a great purpose and sharing my music and my experiences is just a very small way of giving back.


I am a growing artist and have so much to learn and I believe you can never have enough wisdom of life, love or sound. But music gives me the opportunity to explore every area of my life and I discover something new about myself with every song I play, write or sing. Underneath the whole soul searching exterior, I am just your simple happy go lucky girl who lives to laugh. In fact my hunger for humour has in many occasions made me more creative and passionate. ”


Fela Kuti, Mariam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo, Bob Marley , Paul Simon, Neil Young, Johnny Cash , Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton , Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, Lady Smith Black Mambazo, Youssou N’Dour, Peter Gabriel  Nina Simone and Etta James are just a few of the names that have influenced me the most musically. I was 5 yrs old when I first saw Tina Turner on TV performing “proud mary”. I had never experienced anything like it before and just could not believe what I was witnessing. Her passion, energy, power, beauty on that stage made her an instant hero in my eyes, and she has remained there for all these years. I remember how it took me a week to learn the song and how everyone laughed at me when I blasted it in church, not realising it wasn’t a church song. For all this years so much has happened, which even though delayed me from taking a big step in to the music industry, it also allowed me plenty on time to develop as an artist and now feel I’m ready.


I believe with every fibre of my being that this is a journey I was born to take and I have so much music inside of me it has got to come out. My song “follow the sound” is a simple interpretation of this feeling. If you have read to this point, I thank you for your interest. Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to do so, I’d be happy to hear from you.