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African Drumming Workshops and Corporate Team Building Activities

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Lorraine Lionheart's Afro-Rhythm Workshops

Lorraine Lionheart's African Drumming Workshops are perfect for corporate team building activities and are available for schools, youth clubs and special eventsavailable for schools, corporate team building and entertainment, youth clubs, and special events


Live in Africa for a day with Lorraine Lionheart without the cost of a holiday. Our African drumming workshops are an awesome opportunity to beat out your own Afro rhythms in a workshop that incorporates drumming, dancing, singing in English and African languages (simple and easy to remember songs), relaxing chanting adopted from the San of the Kalahari desert, guaranteed enlightenment and enjoyment in equal measure. An energetic and entertaining program, offering cultural experiences through music, dance, story and song, promoting self-expression and confidence.

Instructors have enhanced CRB check, robust valnurable people protection policy, insurance cover and risk assessments ensure that our afro-rhythm and African drumming workshops are as safe as they are satisfying

Using hands on approach, Lorraine’s engaging skills will guide the team through a fascinating journey of mutual discovery, one she calls “a trip to Africa” The workshops and corporate team building activities are uplifting, energizing yet relaxing and guarantee to give you a very memorable experience.

“Lorraine’s vibrant personality made the day for me, she was so funny and made us feel so welcome and gave us a lot of confidence” Michelle C, Hereford

“We found Lorraine and her team easy to work with and very professional from the initial inquiry to the end of the workshops. We will definitely have them again in the future” Ben T, Chester

“I was not sure if this was going to work as this was the first activity I had arranged shortly after joining the company, but Lorraine assured me it was going to be excellent and they delivered just that. I can’t thank you enough” Simon H, Welshpool

“Lorraine was amazing with the children. She kept them engaged and they loved every minute of it. They haven’t stopped talking about her workshop and we would love to have her back here soon. Thank you very much” Jean P, Oswestry

"Very Good, really enjoyable. Wonderful interactive session, lovely day, children loved it. Excellent and enjoyable for all ages. Drum man was fab too. " Sure Start centre


Benefits include:

-Our African music and drumming workshops are fun :

Unleash the party animal in you through carefully selected programs to suit your group

“. Its an amazing feeling and a privilege to witness the joy that African music brings to other people especially those from different backgrounds and abilities. I have so much fun doing the workshops, and it’s such a blessing to be able to share a beautiful part of my heritage with others.” Lorraine Lionheart

-        Our workshops African drummin workshops are inspiring and improve confidence: anyone can do our workshop and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Encouragement and support are some of the chore ethos of the African spirit. We create an atmosphere that allows our participants/students/clients to individually express themselves and share their own creative skills without feeling under any pressure.

-        Our Workshops improve balance, co-ordination and motor skills.  They also develop concentration through team work. Activities such as drumming and dance are great for concentration, and great fun too. 


-    Our African drumming workshops are ideal as corporate team building activities as they encourage bonding within the group and makes participants appreciative of each other. The workshops are also ideal for office parties, product launches and can be custom made to suit various events

Our African music workshops accommodate various learning styles, therefore utilizing participant’s individual key strengths. These music workshops can also include those with learning and physical disabilities.

Drums and other traditional shakers and instruments are provided and fees are negotiable according to budget, duration of workshop and number of required artists.

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Venue : we have a database of venues in various locations around the UK, which we use for our corporate team building activities and African drumming workshops, but we are also happy to use your own premises or other chosen locations. We require a performing area of 6 x 6 metres, free from obstruction above and below. We can do the workshop both indoors and outdoors, but outdoor shows are determined by the weather.

Duration : minimum of 50 - 60 minutes show (including question time) is required for a beneficial experience, however we do longer team building activities and workshops for corporate clients looking for more in-depth programs. We require additional 10mins to set up, and another 10 mins to pull down

Suitability - All ages

Cost: On application (costs are kept reasonable to enable more people to enjoy our African music workshops)

Minimum Audience: 10 participants per performance



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Lorraine Lionheart's African drumming workshops are available for corporate team building activities and events. For more information, please get in touch through our contact page.