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1000 Clothes Charity Challenge

1000 clothing charity challenge ( PLEASE HELP ME RAISE FUNDS TO COVER SHIPPING COSTS)


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I am one of those people you may consider a bit sad.. i buy myself birthday presents, in fact i used to even buy myself birthday cards too, sign them and open them on my birthday... i am quite independent when it comes to happiness, i never depend on others to make me happy, so in order to avoid being disappointed on my special day, i remain pretty content with my DIY philosophy... 
Anyway its my birthday again in exactly 4 weeks time. Like many people out there i have had close family members and friends who lost their lives so young, so i tend to make that justification for going over the top on my birthday, i celebrate every birthday in case its my last. 
So i am sat here thinking this year's is a big birthday for me. I am reaching an age my mother never reached, and i am going to celebrate this birthday basically for the both of us. And please do not ask me what age, that's just rude...
Anyway, i have been thinking quite hard, and if i am honest, had my mum been around i probably wouldn't have chosen her for my mad celebration. For starters she and my hubby Jack Daniels wouldn't get along, wont even want to see each other. Cheap uncomfortable shoes and no name cocktails would hold no appeal to her whatsoever, i am gonna have to do something a little more grown up.
When this lady was alive she bought me clothes every year for my birthday and absolutely loved giving people gifts, so this fond memory of her has just helped me figure out what i am doing for my birthday this year. 
I know at this point you are probably thinking "woman exactly whats this got to do with us?" 
Well, a while ago i challenged myself to raise 1000 children's book for the "Send a book to Mali charity" , which i successfully did in less than 4 weeks. I then performed at a show to raise funds to send the books to Mali. 
So here is what i am doing for my birthday this year. I am challenging myself to collect 1000 items of clothing & shoes, to send to a group of lovely people i had the pleasure of meeting in Gantsi Botswana during my last visit, who in fact inspired my song "THE SILENT CRY". i have 4 weeks to do so and will be partnering with a local church i approached to help with the collection. It all may not seem much, but to me its a great start and a little project certainly worth my effort. 

PROBLEM: i need to raise funds to send the items, i am hoping these items will reach them before Christmas, but i want to have reached my target on the 2nd December (my b-day). 

SOLUTION: of course you lot will love to help me. Seriously, we can do it. 
information on how you can assist will be posted here and i will keep updating you with the progress. Collections start now... i will be collecting in Gaborone as well, more info to follow...