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Drum. Sing. Dance

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African Dance, Drumming and Singing Workshops for schools , youth clubs and other groups by African musician Lorraine Lionheart  (Botswana) and Caribbean drummer Olugbala Kokumo (Antigua)

Available in and around Shrewsbury, Telford, Wolverhampton, Oswestry, Whitchurch, Hereford, Welshpool, Ludlow, Shawbury, Baschruch, Ten Hill, Market Drayton, Wem, Bridgenorth, Newport, Ellesmere, Chester, Wrexham, llangolen, Chirk

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An awesome opportunity to beat out your own Afro rhythms in a workshop that incorporates drumming, dancing, singing in English and African languages (simple and easy to remember lyrics), relaxing chanting adopted from the San of the Kalahari desert,  expressive drumming and dancing as part of traditional African storytelling.  An energetic and entertaining program, offering cultural experiences through music, dance, story and song, promoting self-expression and confidence in students of all ages.

Drumming Session Increases Heart Rate

Individuals with differing levels of fitness can benefit equally from different intensities of activity.

For example, an unfit person may gain the same benefit from 30 minutes of walking as a fit individual would get from 30 minutes of jogging.  The fitter your body gets, the more you have to do to challenge it and to gain the benefits from exercise. Therefore the fact that the drummer’s heart rate is the same (averaging 140-150 BPM over 90 minutes) as the footballer’s shows that his drumming is as challenging to his body as the game of football is to the footballer. 

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Drummers Use Whole Body to Produce Beat

Studies show that we don’t all have to play premier league football to achieve the benefits of exercise.  Activities such as drumming can be good exercise if played at a vigorous intensity for a prolonged period. Despite initial appearances, drumming isn’t just about using your arms.  If you watch a professional drummer at work you’ll see that his whole body is working to produce the beat

This type of activity requires a high level of exertion to generate continual vigorous movement, not to mention a level of accuracy and coordination that professional musicians are gifted with.  Drumming can help us to burn calories and stay fit.

How Can Drumming be a Form of Exercise?

Playing the drums is simply a form of exercise because it is a total body activity, however an experienced drumming instructor is able to demonstrate and train you on how to use drumming as a form of exercise.

African dancing to improve fitness


African Dance workshops provide a full body workout whilst giving you the freedom to express yourself to the powerful beat of African music. It is an exhilarating and unique cultural and fitness training experience that makes you feel energized and alive whilst helping to release stress and strengthen body and mind.

Classes are conducted in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere and are accompanied as often as possible by live African Drumming so that the students can feel the energizing power of the drums and get a better understanding of traditional African rhythms.

Young and old, children (from 5 years old) and adults, men and women, with or without previous dance experience – anyone is welcome to join and have fun!



Instructors have enhanced CRB check, robust child protection policy, insurance cover and risk assessments ensure that our afro-rhythms workshops are as safe as they are satisfying

Using hands on approach, Lorraine’s engaging skills will guide the team through a fascinating journey of mutual discovery, one she calls “a trip to Africa” The workshops are uplifting, energizing yet relaxing and guarantee to give you a very memorable experience.

“Very good, really enjoyable, wonderful interactive session. Lovely day, children loved it. Excellent and enjoyable for all ages. Drum man was fab too!” Sure Start centres , Walsall

 “Lorraine was amazing with the children. She kept them engaged and they loved every minute of it. They haven’t stopped talking about her workshop and we would love to have her back here soon. Thank you very much” Jean P, Oswestry

Benefits include:

-Our African music workshops are fun :  It’s a well-known fact that children learn better in a fun environment, therefore making  our training engaging and fun is very important and helps to keep students interested for longer periods.

-         Our workshops are Inspiring and improve confidence: anyone can do our workshop and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Encouragement and support are some of the chore ethos of the African spirit. We create an atmosphere that allows our students to individually express themselves and share their own creative skills without feeling under any pressure.


-         Our workshops are very energetic and improve fitness.

-         Our Workshops improve balance, co-ordination and motor skills.  They also develop concentration through team work. Activities such as drumming and dance are great for concentration, and our traditional African story telling for children are a hit with young children, capturing their imagination.

-         Our African drumming and dance workshops accommodate various learning styles, therefore utilizing students’ individual key strengths. The workshops can also include those with learning and physical disabilities.

-         Workshops in child care centres and schools are ideal as a part of cultural diversity studies, as a part of a music program or an end of year production. Learning about world cultures is becoming more and more important in modern times. And there is no better way than to actually experience it

-         Our workshops are ideal for your team as they encourage bonding within the group and makes participants appreciative of each other.

“ It’s an amazing feeling and a privilege to witness the joy that African music brings to other people especially those from different backgrounds and abilities. I have so much fun doing the workshops, and it’s such a blessing to be able to share a beautiful part of my heritage with others.” Lorraine Lionheart


Equipment: Drums and other traditional shakers and instruments are provided and fees are negotiable according to budget, duration of workshop and number of required artists/instructors.

Venue :  We have a database of venues in various locations around the UK, but we are also happy to use your own premises or other chosen locations. We require a performing area of 6 x 6 metres,   free from obstruction above and below

Duration: We deliver one day sessions which are typically structured to last for a minimum of 1 hour. We do half day sessions and full day sessions.  However we can also provide an 8 weeks course, based on training once a week for 60 minutes each session. We require additional 10mins to set up, and another 10mins to pull down

Students will learn basic African dance routines, basic African drumming routines, then move on to advanced routines. Students will also learn to create their own combinations of dance moves and drumming rhythms. Students would learn how to use the dance and drumming as a form of exercise and also creatively to interpret a story.

On the 8Th session, students will put on a show to complete their training, and they get to perform for a live audience. We invite their teachers, friends and family to the performance. We add more excitement on to the finale session by getting students to  sing in an African language,  doing out of this world face painting , making fun ethnic carnival mask creation and other elements that guarantee enlightenment and enjoyment in equal measure.

Suitability - All ages

Cost: on request (costs are kept reasonable to enable more people to enjoy our African dance and drumming music workshops)

Minimum Audience: 10 participants per performance/session

Exit Route: On-going training is provided, and students may join our regular sessions to advance their skills. Regular drumming and dance can help improve their fitness, their balance, coordination, confidence, social skills and artistic ability.

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